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4 Amazing Benefits of Aloe for your Skin: The Miracle Plant

4 Amazing Benefits of Aloe for your Skin: The Miracle Plant

March 05, 2024

There’s a reason aloe is referred to as the miracle plant and you bet that we can’t wait to tell you all about it!

The delightful gel-like sap that oozes out of its pointy, yet cushiony leaves, is so brimming in minerals, nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids, that it really is no surprise that a love affair ensues when aloe and your skin meet!

Aloe is incredible for all skin types too, making this one ingredient you want to make a staple in your beauty cabinet no matter your skin type! 

Let’s dig deeper into 4 benefits of this truly lovely ingredient that will change your skincare routine forever!

Adds hydration like no other

Aloe adds deep hydration to the skin; hydration that sinks deep into the pores and lasts and lasts. It truly is like a drink of water for parched skin and you will feel instant relief. Not to mention that hydrated skin glows with radiance!

Soothes inflamed skin

If hydration scares you off because you have oily skin that tends to break out easily then don’t let aloe scare you off! Remember those nutrients we mentioned earlier? These are all going to come in to fight inflammation due to acne or any other skin irritation, and the gel consistency is going to leave a wonderfully soothing layer of moisture on your skin that will help to ease any pain or burning of the skin.

Will never strip your skin

Cleansing is an essential part of any skin care routine, but many conventional cleansers may actually strip excess oil from the skin, putting your skin at risk for many skin care woes.

If your skin has ever felt uncomfortably tight and dry after cleansing then this is often an indication that your natural oils have been stripped from your skin and that your skin barrier has been impaired.

An impaired skin barrier can take ages to restore back to health so it;s something you really want to avoid in the first place.

We want you to enjoy a deep down clean while ensuring your skin’s natural oils stay perfectly intact. Our beautiful Aloe Vera Cleanser will help to remove all traces of dirt and grime while leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated and perfectly balanced!


Helps to boost collagen

Hydration is necessary to help promote collagen production, a structural protein essential for taut, plump and youthful skin. Of course you know that aloe adds hydration in spades!

We have added aloe to our bestselling collagen booster, which also contains our favorite beauty vitamin, Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant and collagen booster!

This one also smells really yummy!


We hope you have inspired you to try this gorgeous ingredient for yourself!

When you go natural, you really won’t ever want to go back!

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