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Hi Beauty! Thanks for checking us out! 

My guess is that you’re looking for products that not only provide beautiful results (hello goddess-worthy skin and silky strands!), but you’re also in the market for natural ingredients that are safe and come from Mother Nature. You’re committed to your health, and taking great care of your skin and hair is really important to you.

Trust me, you’re in good company. ;)

When I first started on my own "natural beauty adventure," I was truly horrified at the grocery list of nasty ingredients in the products that were trending on social media, in the pharmacies and all over the place. I know how disheartening it can be when you realize you have splurged on a product full of gross ingredients, that can not only throw your hormones out of whack (yup, I know, right?) but can also put you at risk of absorbing way too many toxins and developing irritations while putting your health in jeopardy. 

In fact, the average woman ingests up to 500 chemicals into her body every day. Yikes! This is because most of what goes on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream, impacting your health in every way. This may be a hard fact to digest, but I feel like it’s important to have the facts in front of us so we feel more motivated to make the switch to cleaner products. 

And it’s not just your skincare either. 

(If you’re sighing in frustration right now, I am right there with you!)

Hair care products also contain lots of “nasties” that can leave your hair dry and frizzy, while also affecting your hormones and putting your precious health at risk. 

Using clean and natural products for personal care is not only going to satisfy your skin and hair, but it’s going to ensure you are healthier overall too, and to be honest, that was all the motivation I needed. 

I was so inspired, in fact, that I decided to create my very own personal brand of products with clean ingredients straight from Mother Earth, as it was always intended for us. 

I know you don’t want to slather skin-irritating toxins all over your body. I also know there is a ton of misleading information out there too, which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed.

Plus, with hormones and stress, who knows what your skin is going to do next!??

It can be exhausting, which is why we want to make it simple for you, here at Baja Basics. 

I care not only about helping you to achieve the glowy skin of your dreams and bouncy, healthy locks, I care about your sanity too. 

As someone who struggled with her own skin problems for years, trust me when I say that I feel your frustration and it is more than valid. 

This is why my passion is to educate and empower natural beauties like yourself - to help you protect, heal and restore your skin and hair.

Here’s how we do it:

  1. Ditch the chemicals and toss your old drugstore products
  2. Start with a new, clean and personalized routine
  3. Actively protect your skin and hair with peace of mind, and see results in no time!

So you can stop hiding blemishes and start enjoying your beautiful skin while feeling good about what you're putting on your body. Because toxin free is always a good look :)

Your beauty routine should feel like a self-love ritual that you genuinely look forward to each day, because you deserve no less!

I’m here to support and I’d love to hear from you anytime. It’s beauties like you who inspired me to start my business. So whether it's sharing your story, or you have questions about uses or benefits, please do reach out!

Cheering you on every step of the way,

- Ash


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