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Rosemary Hair Oil 2oz

Baja Basics


NOURISHES & STRENGTHENS HAIR: Baja Basics Rosemary Hair Oil is a blend full of nutrients including Peppermint Oil, that can be used in your daily hair care routine as a deep conditioning treatment to prevent damage and split ends for longer, stronger and healthier hair! 

SOOTHES DRY SCALP & ITCHINESS: Our Rosemary Oil for hair growth is a decadent blend that includes Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil to provide moisture and relief for your skin and hair from scalp to ends. 

SMOOTH & REDUCE SPLIT ENDS: Safe for all hair types and complete with Argan and Grapeseed Oil, our Rosemary Oil for hair is an all natural mixture that helps to tame frizzies and prevent the breakage of hair while hydrating dried ends. 

HOW TO USE: For a scalp treatment, expose more of the skin by sectioning the hair into four parts. Apply a few drops of oil to the scalp and massage into the skin using fingers, then comb all the way through to the end of the hair. This routine can be practiced daily. For split end care, apply a few drops of oil to the ends of hair, preferably cover with a cap and leave for at least 10 minutes. Finally rinse out the oil, shampoo/condition the hair, and style as desired.

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Customer Reviews

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Lilli Ormseth
This works wonders!

I love everything about this oil!
my hair is so thicker and hasn't been this long In a long time. It also smells super good
. I am very thankful <3 Just bought two mor


Very satisfied with this product, glad I tried it! It smells great, makes my scalp happy. Helps my hair as well. Already purchased another bottle 👍