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5 Ways to get the Most out of your Essential Oils

5 Ways to get the Most out of your Essential Oils

May 25, 2022

We adore essential oils and infuse our products with them, here at Baja Basics!

Essential oils have a heap of benefits, from boosting your mood and easing frazzled nerves, to providing skin benefits that can leave your skin healthy, clear and glowing.

What you may not know, however, is that apart from making our products a part of your long-term beauty ritual, you can actually use essential oils in other ways in your everyday life to give your daily ritual a boost.

In today’s article we will share just 5 ways you can make the most out of pure essential oils to transform your life in the best way possible!

Diffuse them to fill the air and inhale their benefits

The most popular way to use essential oils is to diffuse them in an essential oil diffuser. This way their heavenly steam fills the room and you can enjoy the powerful aromatherapy benefits just by inhaling their lovely scent.

Use peppermint to help you focus, rose to lift your spirits when you are feeling low and citrus oils for an energizing boost!

To take your bath to the next level

You always want to be sure you are diluting your essential oils, either in water or a carrier oil (more on that in the next point!) and what better way than to add a few drops to your bath?

This way you can also enjoy their skin benefits, as this method allows for inhalation and absorption.

The following blend is wonderful for soothing your mind after a long day and these oils will help to keep your skin healthy and free from inflammation.

Add a few drops of each to a warm bath:





As a natural perfume

Once you get used to essential oils as your sole scent, you won’t be able to go back to conventional, chemical-based perfumes without feeling a little sick at the artificial scent. This is our experience anyway!

Essential oils are quite strong, some more so than others, and if applied directly to the skin, they may cause irritation.

You always want to dilute your essential oils in a carrier oil before applying to your skin. Add a few drops to your carrier oil of choice (coconut or almond are popular choices) and dab onto pulse points for a beautiful, natural scent.

To ease tension headaches

Tension headaches are so common as a result of stress and the nasty thing about them is that they can hang around for ages, making it hard to focus on anything.

Adding a few drops of an oil such as peppermint or chamomile to a carrier oil and dabbing on your temples can help to ease all that head tension.

To leave your skin glowing, fight inflammation and slow down the signs of aging

This is where our products come in!

Essential oils have a heap of incredible skin benefits and you will see the results for yourself when you add them into your daily beauty routine.

We have diluted them in beautiful carrier oils that will glide beautifully onto your skin and trust us when we say that once you add an oil into your life, you will not look back!




Photo by Birgith Roosipuu on Unsplash

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