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apricot kernel oil benefits

4 Apricot Kernel Oil Benefits for Radiant Skin

March 18, 2021

We sure do love our oils so it should come as no surprise that we are here to shine a spotlight once again on another of our favorite, signature oils!

This time we are talking about Apricot Kernel Oil, extracted from the kernels (seeds) of apricots, a superstar oil that may soon end up on your list of holy grail oils.

Great for all skin types, this oil is a cult favorite among all ages and we can’t wait to talk more about it, so enough of the small talk, let’s get to the juicy stuff!

Soothes and softens

Like jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil also closely resembles the skin’s own natural sebum and for this reason, is easily and readily absorbed into the pores. This ensures that the skin stays soft and perfectly balanced with no heavy or greasy finish. The high concentration of oleic and linoleic fatty acids also helps contribute to beautifully dewy and glowing skin.

Aids in tissue repair, fades scars and has anti-aging benefits

Thanks to its high concentration of Vitamin E, Apricot kernel oil is wonderful for helping to not only heal damaged tissue, promoting a healthier skin, but it can help to fade the appearance of scars too. If this isn’t enough, because Vitamin E is an antioxidant it also helps to neutralize free radicals that may contribute to damage or accelerated aging.

Provides deep nourishment and improves the health of your skin

Apricot kernel oil is rich in another one of our favorite antioxidant vitamins, namely Vitamin A, excellent for helping to strengthen the skin barrier, ensuring that moisture is locked into the pores and cannot escape. Vitamin A combined with fatty acids means your skin will feel beautifully soft and smooth and never lacking in moisture!

Helps to calm down inflammation and prevent blemishes

When you’re slathering potent antioxidants on your skin then you really are giving your skin its best chance at staying calm, happy and clear and Vitamin A and Vitamin E, as well as those lovely fatty acids all work together to soothe inflammation and leave skin clear and glowing, but there’s another antioxidant we haven’t yet mentioned…

Our holy grail of them all, dubbed the beauty vitamin for good reason! Yes, you may have guessed that we are referring to Vitamin C, a seriously powerful antioxidant contender simply made for your skin! Vitamin C amps up the anti-inflammatory power of the beautiful oil and leaves your skin positively luminous. 

We know you are excited to try this oil now, we just know it! Always love hearing from our loyal readers! Let us know if you have ever tried this beautiful oil before or if you’re dying to get your hands on it now!

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