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Beautiful Locks with Batana

Beautiful Locks with Batana

January 17, 2024

Okay so who is Batana, you ask?

Well in this case it’s a what, and trust us, this is an answer you’re going to want to hear.

Batana oil is steeped in history, with it being used traditionally for cooking in Miskitu communities, located in the Muskitia region in the most eastern part of Honduras.

“The native Miskito people of Honduras have used it for hundreds of years — they have referred to it as ‘miracle oil’ as it has helped them to grow longer, stronger hair and also has many benefits for the skin,” says Dr Penzi, a dermatologist in NJ.

The oil, “extracted from [the nuts] of the American palm tree that is native to Central and South America,” truly does have a heap of hair and skin loving benefits too, especially if dryness plagues you during the more harsh winter months.

It’s an underrated oil that needs its time in the spotlight and that’s why you are currently reading this article!

We are working on a new product for you that we just know you are going to love…

What’s so special about Batana Oil?

Well, what would your definition of special include?

If your requirements for a special beauty product include one that is rich in vitamins and minerals, designed to support the hair skin barrier and add deep nourishment, hydration and shine to dull locks then yeah, Batana oil is special, all right!

Batana oil is absolutely bursting to the brim in omega 6 fatty acids, (hello dewy skin!) and powerful antioxidants to help protect against UV damage.

Your hair loves it as much as your skin does!

  • Can help to repair damaged hair from within the follicle
  • Thickens hair by promoting new hair growth
  • Hello shiny, bouncy locks!
  • May help to prevent gray hairs with regular use

So as you can see, this oil is one you are for sure going to want to get your hands on this year!

You can use this remarkable oil directly on your skin as a moisturizer, as well as massage it into your scalp for miracle hair results!

Stay tuned for more on what we’re cooking up as the latest addition to the Baja fam. You’re in for a real beauty treat! ;)




Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

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