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Get Your Best Skin Ever With Our Sea Buckthorn Facial Serum

May 13, 2021

There’s a very special, yellow-red berry that is so bursting in nutrients we simply have to tell you all about it!    

Sea buckthorn berries are tiny and found on small bushes that thrive in the mountainous regions of Europe and Asia. 

Their nutrient content has made them a highly popular skincare ingredient but you can eat them too!

Or why not try this delicious drink recipe!

Their nutrient profile is impressive, as they contain every single omega fatty acid, along with a potent blend of antioxidants, flavonoids, 190+ phytonutrients, polyphenols, vitamins B1, B2, K, C, A, and E, folic acid, and other minerals.

Their Vitamin C content is actually pretty incredible, much higher than oranges, carrots and tomatoes! Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin we fully stand behind as it helps to fight inflammation, boost collagen for younger-looking skin and promote a radiant glow! 

You’ll find sea buckthorn oil along with many other beautiful and luxurious skincare superstars in our Sea Buckthorn Facial Serum!

Keep reading to find out why this is one product you’re going to want to get your hands on ASAP! 

What can sea buckthorn do for my skin?

Sea buckthorn is a hit with all skin types, from parched and dry to oily and troubled!

It helps to boost hydration and prevent moisture loss through the pores while helping to repair oxidative damage (hello there, youthful, luminous skin!) 

For our babes who deal with blemishes, sea buckthorn will help to fight inflammation and calm down redness (this is where Vitamin C works its magic) as well as help to balance excess oil. 

In fact, sea buckthorn signals to the pores to stop producing excess oil, decongesting the pores and helping to soothe.  

Problem skin will soon become a thing of the past for you, gorgeous! 

Other signature ingredients 

Willow bark

Willow bark is a wonderful alternative to harsh, synthetic salicylic acid, an ingredient used to exfoliate and clear the skin.  

Willow bark contains Salicin, highly effective for sloughing off dead skin cells, clearing the pores and brightening the skin, however it is incredibly gentle and non-irritating. 

Rosehip oil

This beauty is jam-packed in antioxidants to provide natural anti-aging properties, to fade stubborn acne scars and may even help to reduce signs of sun damage. 

Black Castor oil 

This wonderful oil is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, meaning acne-prone skin will fall instantly in love! 

Dry skin loves it just as much though, thanks to fatty acids that leave the skin dewy and it helps to boost collagen for plumper, more youthful skin with regular use. 

It’s also excellent for sunburns and stretch marks, even warts and fungal and yeast infections! 

For a full list of ingredients, or even better, to get your order in now so beautiful skin can be yours soon, click here!

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