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Everything You Need to Know About a Daily Gua Sha Ritual to Elevate your Skincare Routine

Everything You Need to Know About a Daily Gua Sha Ritual to Elevate your Skincare Routine

July 07, 2022

You’ve probably seen all your favorite beauty gurus using an interesting looking tool on their skin during those skincare tutorials we just know you enjoy bingeing as much as we do!

While there are many short-lived trends out there, a gua sha practice is one that is in for the long-haul!

Gua sha (pronounced gwah-shah) is an ancient Chinese Holistic practice that will completely transform your skincare ritual and once you see the results for yourself, well… that’s all the motivation you will need to make this a daily practice!

Gua sha helps to promote healing by aiding in releasing stagnant energy or chi, as it is referred to in Eastern culture. The term “gua-sha” translates directly to scraping, which is actually how this tool is used.

Keep reading to learn more about how you can incorporate this very special ritual into your routine.

How to choose the perfect gua sha tool

Gua sha tools are usually made with crystal material; Jade (green) and Rose Quartz (light pink) being the most popular ones available.

The Gua sha’s design (it’s small enough to fit into the palm of your hand) means it can maneuver easily around the face and offers multiple techniques, unlike the Jade roller, which is a different tool.

Due to the rise in popularity, there are many tools being sold that are formulated with harmful synthetics and dyes, so always do your research beforehand to be sure you are purchasing a gua sha made with top quality materials.

Jade is known for calming the nervous system and balancing energies in the body, while rose quartz supports heart energy and can be particularly helpful to use on the chest to help open and balance heart qi.

How can gua sha help my skin?

Oh boy, this is where it gets good!

Gua sha is fantastic for reducing inflammation in the skin. It helps to boost circulation for brighter, more youthful skin and you can kiss puffiness goodbye, especially those pesky under-eye bags! Our caffeine eye-cream combined with a gentle under-eye gua sha massage is a dream for tired peepers!

Gua sha is amazing for draining lymph, which is not only excellent for puffiness but for easing pain and tension in the muscles too!

Gua sha is not recommended for inflamed skin or open wounds, including rosacea, acne sunburn and bruises. Very sensitive areas, such as the thinner skin under your eyes, should be approached with a lighter hand.

Getting started

You always want to apply a serum or oil before getting to work with your gua sha tool.

For a full gua sha face routine, we recommend this excellent video. 

A gua sha practice is just as much about mindfulness and relaxation, as it is about really showing your skin some serious love. When you feel better, you look better and trust us when we tell you that you are more than likely going to fall in love with this gorgeous ritual!



Photo by Content Pixie on Unsplash

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