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Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Find the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

April 22, 2024

Mother’s Day is just around the corner so why not ensure you get the perfect gift lined up now, rather than waiting until the last minute?

Whether it’s for your mom or the mother figure in your life, we have the perfect gift ideas, one of which is sure to put a big smile on their face!

If you’re a mom then be sure to treat yourself too!

Locally grown flowers

We have yet to meet a mom who doesn’t beam from ear to ear when presented with a colorful bouquet of beautiful blooms!

Why not find your local florist or one of those cute boutique style stores that often grow their own flowers for a bouquet that is both unique and gorgeous, while supporting local growers!

It truly is a win win and mom will gush over them for days!

Natural skincare products

Skincare products are usually a big hit too, as mom feels so pampered and special, but the type of products you give her matters.

You want to avoid big stores that sell conventional products full of nasty ingredients and instead treat mom to only the best; ingredients straight from Mother Earth.

Our Hydrating Bundle will truly make her day and last for weeks after Mother’s Day ends!

Just a little tip before we move onto the next idea… add in our Rose Serum to make it extra special for mom!

Essential oils

Essential oils have a heap of benefits and can help mom to relax after all the work she does!

You can purchase them undiluted at a health store and then add a few drops into a diffuser, allowing the steam to fill the air! In fact, a diffuser and an array of oils is a gift she will be so thankful for!

The good news is that our products are all formulated with essential oils meaning mom’s skincare ritual is also effectively a self-love, soothing ritual, she deserves no less!

Treat her to our Rose Water, infused with rose essential oil for the perfect pick me up and skin refresher she will fall in love with!

A healthy homemade meal

We love tiktok for quick but healthy and delicious homemade meals that seem like they took hours!

Why not let mom sit back on Mother’s Day and treat her to a delicious home cooked meal as a  way to thank her for all the meals she made for you growing up!

Natural hair love

If mom loves treating her tresses then you absolutely need to introduce her to Batana oil, our latest product and one that is a miracle worker for hair!

We hope we have helped to make the search for the perfect gift just a little easier for you!





Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash

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