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How to Manage Oily Skin the Right Way

How to Manage Oily Skin the Right Way

March 24, 2022

We all lust after dewy skin, but when your skin is more greasy than glowy we know the frustration you may endure!

Perhaps you have tried every ingredient or product possible with no positive results only to feel at your wits end. Don’t worry, we’ve got you…

In today’s article we will delve deeper into the world of oily skin to help you finally find natural ways to manage it for the long-term!

Is it truly oily skin?

Many people confuse combination skin for oily skin, whereas they are two different skin types.

We recommend washing your face with a gentle cleanser that won’t strip away natural oils, gently pat your face dry with a clean towel and then wait for an hour. Do not apply any products or makeup during this time.

After an hour look at your face in the mirror or use a tissue to gently dab different areas of your face if you are unsure.

If there seems to be grease and shine over your entire face, then your skin can be classified as oily. If the oil is confined to the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) then you have combo skin.

Tips to keep the oil under control

Do not over-cleanse and use the right type of cleanser

Over-cleansing may actually encourage your pores to over-produce oil, which is the last thing you want so be sure to stick to just twice a day and use a cleanser that is effective, yet won’t strip your skin.

One ingredient we love is activated charcoal as it can absorb 1000 times its own weight in toxins!

It provides a deep down clean like no other, pulling dirt and grime from deep down in the pores without stripping your skin of those natural, beneficial oils it needs to look its best!


Hot water is thy enemy

It doesn’t matter how good your cleanser is if you’re using hot water to rinse it off, because hot water strips the skin.

Always use lukewarm water only. 

Don’t skip toner

Toner helps to prep your skin for your oil application (we will get to that in just a minute!) as well as helps to balance the pH of your skin (yes, please!)

Of course the right toner counts here too and you absolutely can’t go wrong with our beautiful soothing and nourishing rose water!

Don’t fear oils

It’s natural to want to run away from oils when your skin already feels like a grease ball but the old saying “oil causes oil” has been debunked and is officially a myth that we can put far behind us, phew!

Certain oils such as seaberry, prickly pear and jojoba (to name just a few!) can help tremendously in helping to reduce inflammation, heal troubled skin and prevent future breakouts.

See the link to our balancing bundle at the end of this!

Show your gut some love

A healthy gut is essential for healthy skin.

Learn more about our probiotic supplement here that can help tremendously in healing your gut.

Don’t forget the SPF

Protection against harmful UV rays is so important no matter your skin type! Avoid chemical sunscreens that may put your skin and health at risk (not to mention our beautiful oceans) and instead look for mineral options that are zinc-oxide based.

Our Balancing Bundle has all your oily skin woes covered! This bundle is great for both oily and combo skin types as our ingredients will minimize inflammation and reduce breakouts while never drying out your skin!

We know oily skin may be hard to accept, but it certainly has its perks! Your skin may age slower and it’s less likely to appear dull and dry.

So try your best to embrace what mother nature gave you and follow our tips to ensure your skin stays perfectly balanced.



Photo by Fleur Kaan on Unsplash

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