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organic rose essential oil

What Are The Benefits of Using Organic Rose Essential Oil?

January 08, 2021

The deeply intoxicating and aromatic scent of beautiful Rose is simply unlike any other. Its sensual fragrance can instantly induce feelings of happiness, uplifting your spirit and helping to banish away negativity.

Produced through steam distillation of fresh roses, it takes lots of love and patience to produce rose essential oil, also commonly referred to as “the Queen of all oils” and “liquid gold.” It takes about 60 single roses to create just one single drop of rose oil and blossoms are usually picked early in the morning, before the sun rises.  

Apart from its wonderful uplifting properties, rose has many other phenomenal benefits and has been used for centuries in medicine, skincare, aromatherapy and perfume. This is truly a treasured and gorgeous skin care ingredient, as we use it here at Baja Basics!

Keep reading for a few more amazing benefits of rose essential oil. 

Helps to reduce skin inflammation and promote a gorgeous glow

Rose essential oil is wonderful for helping to reduce skin inflammation that may contribute to acne breakouts, skin redness and uneven texture. It helps to soothe and heal while fighting off bacteria thanks to powerful antibacterial properties, and may even help to provide relief for common inflammatory conditions such as eczema and rosacea. 

Helps to soothe and calm a frazzled mind

Just as rose can help to soothe the skin, it can help to provide these same soothing benefits for the mind. 

One whiff of this rich, heavenly oil can help to soothe your troubles and leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and calm. 

For a rose boost before bed or when you’re particularly stressed, try diffusing some pure essential rose oil in a diffuser, as well as spritz our Rose water on your pillow, your face and even your pulse points. 

Helps to boost cell turnover for more youthful looking skin

Rose essential oil is just as good for helping to fight the signs of aging as it is for troubled, oilier skin types!

It provides a deep dose of hydration that is never too heavy or greasy, yet leaves your skin feeling perfectly balanced. 

Rose essential oil may also help to stimulate cell turnover, essential for healthy, happy skin and for boosting collagen production; a protein that helps to give the skin structure and leave it looking taut and plump. 

Sets the mood!

This is just for fun, but a benefit we thought was worth mentioning!

Whether it's a dose of self-love that’s called for, or you are trying to set a romantic mood on a date or with a prospective lover, rose essential oil has your back!

You can apply it as usual to your complexion, but dab some behind your ears too, and go all out by spritzing the air and your clothes with some rose water too. 

You’ll feel sensual and romantic and it sets a soothing, happy atmosphere, infused with love and opportunities!

We hope you are excited to try this beautiful oil for yourself, it will only add extra love and happiness to your life!

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