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Product Spotlight: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Product Spotlight: Jamaican Black Castor Oil

April 10, 2024

There’s a new hair oil on the block and rumor has it that it nourishes your hair quite like nothing else!

Okay fine, it’s not a rumor, we put it to the test and can confirm it really does what it promises!

It’s called Jamaican black castor oil and it’s dying to make an acquaintance with your strands! Once you try this oil for yourself, we can almost guarantee that it will become one of your holy grail hair products and for good reason!

With a rich legacy derived from traditional methods passed down through generations, Jamaican castor oil can be traced back to Jamaica where castor seeds are roasted then cold pressed to extract the dark, nutrient-rich oil.

Let’s dive into why this oil is all the rage, helping to manage and improve all hair and skin types!

Mega moisture

Jamaican black castor oil has an impressive nutritional profile and packs a serious punch in terms of ingredients you definitely want in your hair and skin care ritual!

This oil hydrates beautifully by penetrating deep and locking in moisture to leave your skin feeling smooth and hair looking shiny and healthy without leaving an annoying greasy residue behind.

Strength and length 

If strong and long strands are on your wishlist, well you have found the guy for the job!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil is ideal for hair growth, strengthening strands, and reducing breakage, which is essential for that length you lust after. It helps to thicken hair strands and improves elasticity.

Helps to improve and restore skin, scalp and hair vitality

Abundant in antioxidants, vitamins, and fatty acids, this oil restores your skin and hair's natural vitality. 85% to 95% of Jamaican Castor Oil’s oil profile is made of ricinoleic acid which is a gamechanger for the scalp and hair.

Vitamins E and B5 provide antioxidant protection, while zinc and magnesium help keep the scalp microbiome balanced.

This stuff is gold for your tresses!

It’s a multi-purpose gem 

You know we love products that serve a multitude of uses! This oil is 100% natural and pure and can be used in your entire beauty ritual, from head to toe!

Use it to add extra moisture wherever is needed, especially those stubborn areas like your elbows and your heels!

Suitable for all skin and hair types, including oily, dry, and mature.

How to use for best results

Massage a few drops of the castor oil directly onto your skin, scalp, or hair, and massage gently. 

You could also blend a few drops with your favorite conditioner for a deeply hydrating hair treatment, or blend with your preferred moisturizer for added nourishment.

Here’s one we love! Use this incredible oil to lengthen your eyelashes (yes, really!) by applying with a Q-tip to make-up free lashes starting from roots to tips. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning with warm water. Enjoy natural gorgeous length when you do this consistently!

There you have it! We can’t wait for you to try this beautiful oil for yourself!



Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

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