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The Real Advice You Need for Troubled Skin

The Real Advice You Need for Troubled Skin

June 24, 2023

If you’re reading this and currently struggling with skin that just won’t stay clear and balanced then let us start by providing some validation for your feelings.

We know how awful it is to deal with constant breakouts that wreck your self-esteem and leave you feeling kinda hopeless, and while your skin won’t stay this way forever, you are absolutely entitled to your feelings.

You may feel angry, sad, embarrassed and it's okay to feel all of these emotions.

Perhaps you have tried everything and are feeling at your wits end, not able to believe that clear skin is possible for you, but babe we promise you that it is!

Now take a deep breath, make yourself a soothing cup of tea or pour your favorite drink and get reading, because we are here to help!

Good skin starts on the inside

First things first. Before we delve into the external tips of this article we want to make sure we let you know that a good skincare routine works synergistically with what you do internally too.

If you’re eating lots of sugar and processed foods and not drinking enough water, all of this impacts the state of your skin and can 100% contribute to breakouts.

Sugar actually draws water out of the cells and increases sebum in the skin meaning accelerated aging on top of breakouts, no thanks!

Don’t over-cleanse

When your skin is oily it may seem like a logical move to wash your face more often to remove the excess grease.

However, over-washing can actually strip your skin of natural oils along with those excess oils causing more breakouts!

We know it seems confusing, but when your skin is severely dried out, be it from over-cleansing or using a harsh cleanser, then your skin will try to make up for this lack of oil, often over-producing oil, which then means more pimples.

Stick to twice a day and be sure to use a cleanser that is effective yet still gentle.

Our Charcoal Cleanser is incredibly powerful, containing charcoal and jojoba to absorb impurities, while other key ingredients such as chamomile and aloe soothe irritated, painful skin.

Also be sure to rinse with lukewarm water as hot water strips the skin too.

Don’t skip the toner

Toner is often a step that is overlooked in a skincare ritual but it’s not just there for the refreshing experience it provides!

Toner helps to balance your pH levels, essential for clear skin, while perfectly prepping your skin for your follow up products.

Our Rose water helps to lift your spirits while giving your skin the boost it needs!

Don’t be afraid of oil

We know how terrifying oil can seem when your skin is already oily, but a good facial oil, packed with antioxidants, can help to fight inflammation for skin that is happier and healthier, trust us on this.

It honestly doesn’t get much better than Sea Buckthorn for antioxidant content!

Our Sea Buckthorn Serum (with Tea Tree Oil) is a nutrient loaded blend that helps promote healthy cell turnover while decongesting pores and evening out skin tone. It naturally defends against bacteria and blemishes. This serum helps regulate sebum production to reduce the occurence of breakouts and to accelerate healing.

Use it on damp skin for optimal absorption and just watch your skin fall in love!

If you start incorporating these tips into your life we can’t wait to see what a difference it makes for you!

We highly recommend our Balancing Bundle as it contains all three products mentioned in this post, as well as 2 other bestsellers that we think you will love!




Photo by Chan on Unsplash

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