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Caffeine Eye Cream

Baja Basics


AWAKEN YOUR EYES: while reducing inflammation and rapidly hydrating your skin. This coffee bean infused eye cream is rich in omega fatty acids and potent antioxidants, which help soothe and protect the skin. This blend contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients for preventative therapy to help guard against environmental damage and signs of aging. 
BANISH PUFFINESS, UNDER EYE BAGS & DARK CIRCLES: Perk up your peepers for a fresh look in no time! Stimulating caffeine increases circulation for de-puffed eyes, while this solution’s anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling, redness and dark circles in the delicate eye area.

NATURALLY BOOST COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: to help maintain a youthful appearance while firming, brightening and tightening your skin. This cream is non greasy and absorbs quickly for maximum results.

BRIGHTEN AND LIGHTEN YOUR EYES WHILE REPAIRING UV & ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE: Minimize crow’s feet, age marks and sun spots. Repair and regenerate your skin with a natural blend of ingredients containing vitamins A, C, E, and potent antioxidants to fight free radicals.

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