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Boost your Lymph Flow and Boost your Skin!

Boost your Lymph Flow and Boost your Skin!

January 20, 2024

You may have heard about lymphatic drainage massages and how they can work wonders for your skin, but are in the dark as to what it even is.

You may have also heard that boosting your lymph flow overall can help your skin and your health, but again, you still have no idea what lymph even is.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

The Lymphatic System

Your lymphatic system is made up of hundreds of lymph nodes, which are an essential part of your immune system.

You may have felt what feels like round little balls in certain parts of your body including your neck, your armpits, your breasts and groin. These are your lymph nodes, responsible for transporting waste out of your body and they help to protect the body against infections.

When fluid builds up due to any kind of blockage in your lymphatic system, you may see the effects physically, as puffiness in the skin and a dull complexion.

This is why we love a daily gua sha ritual for the skin, as it helps to get things moving and you can truly see the difference when you are consistent. When paired with our Rose Oil Serum, it’s truly just chef’s kiss!

Gua sha is just one way to get the blood flowing and the lymph moving, though!

Here are just 3 more!

Deep breathing

Deep breathing is a great way to stimulate lymph flow, and of course this benefits not just your skin, but your mental and physical health too!

A daily deep breathing practice also helps to maintain digestive health and a healthy gut is key to clear, gorgeous skin!

Get moving!

Nothing gets the lymph flowing quite like regular movement.

So if you haven’t moved around for a while, consider heading out for a walk or hit your mat for some gentle stretching!

Even jumping jacks are great or shaking out your entire body as an awesome somatic practice to shift your energy and your mood fast!

Eat right

A healthy diet is essential for healthy lymph flow and some are super obvious that they’re boosting blood flow, simply by how you’ll feel!

The zesty warmth of ginger moving through your body or a meal rich in garlic. Btw… chewing on raw garlic is a great way to ward off colds and flu and can nip them in the bud as they happen too. You’ll certainly feel it when you eat it raw, that’s for sure!

Some other excellent foods for lymph flow in particular include turmeric, citrus fruits, leafy greens and adaptogens! Adaptogens, like reishi mushroom, help to support your body so it can better manage stress while also giving your lymph a boost!

Oh, and this has to be the most important tip of all… drink enough water! Too many people have stagnant lymph flow simply from not drinking sufficient fluids. 

We hope you have learned something today. Our goal is always for you to leave having gained a new perspective or some insight on how to improve your life in all areas!



Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash

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