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Golden Rules for Glowing Skin

Golden Rules for Glowing Skin

July 21, 2022

Glowing skin is something we all lust after, but lusting after something means we feel it is far from our reach when in fact, glowing skin is quite literally, at our fingertips…

Glowing skin comes down to the products you apply and simple tips and tricks that can transform your skin from dull to dewy in a heartbeat!

After you read this article, you will realize just how simple it really is and soon everyone will be lusting after your skin! It’s up to you to share your beauty secrets!

Let’s dive in, glowing skin awaits!

Love thy oils

The first and easiest way to start enjoying glowing skin is to feed your pores with some nutrient-rich love in the form of silky, antioxidant-rich oils.

Once you try a facial oil, you will not look back, trust us on this. Many people shy away from oils, often still believing that old myth that “oil causes more oil” and so they fear breakouts, but facial oils can actually help to clear up your skin once and for all by fighting inflammation, balancing sebum levels and drenching your skin in the perfect amount of moisture.

Our Ora Rose, Gold infused radiant nectar is what we are talking about. It’s infused with 24k gold flakes, need we say any more…

Treat yourself to this heavenly oil here!

Try this instant brightening trick

There’s a new blush trick we have been seeing resurface all over tiktok and we have to say, we are all for it!

It’s simply placing some cream blush in a C-shape around your temple, hitting the top of your cheek bone, and then blending, blending, blending with a beauty blender or sponge.

The result? An instant rosy glow that looks like you've spent time soaking up the rays but without the damage!

Try and look for a natural makeup brand so you aren’t using chemicals on your skin. We love the ILia Multi-stick cream blush, highlighter and lip tint all in one!

Breathe your way to glowing skin

Did you know that by simply breathing properly each and every day, you can enjoy brighter, clearer skin (not to mention feel a lot more at ease and better able to handle life’s small daily stressors).

This article will teach you everything you need to know!

Your food matters

Everything you eat has an impact on your skin so you want to be sure you are eating nutritious foods more often than processed foods, so you can feed your skin with the love it needs from the inside out!

Here are some of our top hydrating summer fruits that will help to keep your skin clear and glowing!

We hope you enjoyed these tips and that they will become a part of your daily life, for healthy skin, as well as a healthy and happy mind!

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