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Breathing your Way to Glowing Skin: How a Daily Breath Ritual Can Take your Skin to the Next Level

Breathing your Way to Glowing Skin: How a Daily Breath Ritual Can Take your Skin to the Next Level

September 30, 2021

Many people hear the word “meditation” and immediately start shaking their heads, saying “No, I have tried that before, it’s not for me” or “I don’t have time for a meditation practice” or the most common “My mind is too busty for meditation.”

I think we need to change how we look at meditation entirely.

Instead of thinking of it as a practice that involves taking a chunk out of your day, or as something that can only be done if your mind is completely clear, why not think of it as something that is available to you at any time, right now in fact.

Just sitting and taking a few deep breaths can be considered meditation and you can do it anytime and anywhere. If you’re breathing deeply while reading this then you’re meditating.

Sure, taking time to sit in a scenic spot for a while is nice, but it’s not always readily available and why should you miss out on your beautiful breath simply because you are busy? Your breath is with you always, it’s what keeps you centred and present.

Here’s another perk, and what this whole article is about… it’s incredible for your skin! If you start incorporating deeper breaths into your daily life you are going to look younger and your skin is going to glow, yes really!

Keep reading for 3 ways a deep breathing ritual can drastically improve your skin!

Your skin will glow

While you may not see the benefits internally, a lot is happening inside you when you start slowing down your breath and breathing into your belly rather than just your chest

Deep breathing helps to flush accumulated internal toxins from your system by stimulating lymph flow. These toxins may lead to skin issues as well as health issues so by getting them out your skin will reflect your healthier inner state.

Deep breathing also improves digestion, and a healthy gut is key for a radiant complexion!

You’ll experience clearer skin

Any imbalance in your lungs can result in skin issues, especially blemishes as the lungs and lung channels are linked to the skin.

Deep breathing helps to increase oxygen in your system, clearing out your lungs and boosting blood flow for clearer skin and skin that is better able to repair itself. 

You’ll rock a more youthful complexion

Cortisol is your stress hormone and when you are under chronic stress it runs rampant in your body, contributing to anxiety, insomnia and yep, you guessed it, skin that looks anything but happy and healthy.

Deep breathing helps to lower cortisol levels and studies have shown that it can actually suppress the response of inflammatory genes that may contribute to inflammation. Less cortisol and inflammation means younger looking skin.

20 Solid minutes of deep, belly breaths is recommended to reap the benefits for your skin as well as your mind, but you can work your way up slowly.

Why not simply find ways to breathe more deeply as you go about your day? Anytime you feel a little ungrounded or frazzled, it’s your reminder to breathe deeper. Soon deeper breaths will become a natural part of your life and your skin and mind will thank you!


Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash

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