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layering skin care products

The Secret To Serum & Oil Layering for Glowing Skin

June 25, 2021

Do you find yourself feeling a little confused about how to apply your skin care products for optimal results?

Don’t worry if you do, it’s completely understandable!

One question we get often is how to apply serums and oils; whether they should be applied alone, together, first, last…

We have two products that when paired together are a truly magical match, one that will leave your skin dewy, hydrated and positively radiant so we thought we’d let you in on the secret!

In today’s post we will be highlighting our best selling Collagen Boosting Serum, as well as our truly beautiful, Ora Rose Serum and you’ll soon see how these two are a match made in heaven.

Let’s dive in!

First things first

Before we dig into the juicy stuff, we want to make sure that your skin is fully cleansed and prepped to receive all the loving our serum and oil have to offer.

We have two beautiful cleansers for you to choose from. You could opt for our highly detoxifying Activated Charcoal Cleanser or our deeply hydrating Aloe Vera Cleanser. Both are jam-packed in skin-lovin’ goodies and work wonderfully on all skin types.

These cleansers will help to remove excess dirt, oil and grime without ever stripping your skin of natural oils, therefore maintaining your skin’s delicate pH balance and they will ensure your pores are open and ready to receive the love from your follow up products.

Get spritzing

We know you’re eager to get to the serum and oil part of this (so are we!) but for them to work their absolute best these first steps are super important.

Once your skin is nice and clean, spritz our refreshing and uplifting Rose water for a burst of freshness and to ensure optimal absorption of the next part of this routine…

Start with our Collagen Boosting serum

This serum works absolute wonders, our customers adore it!

It contains specific ingredients with powerful humectant properties, like aloe and glycerin, meaning they help to draw moisture into the pores. More moisture means a boost in collagen and happier, plumper and more youthful skin.

You always want to apply your serum first, using your fingertips to press it into your skin before massaging in gentle upward strokes until fully absorbed. Enjoy the fruity, uplifting smell as you apply!

Seal it all in with our Rose Ora Oil

This luxurious facial oil is full of decadent oils that will lock all that moisture from your serum right in so you can rock a complexion that is perfectly balanced, hydrated and luminous!

To learn more about the signature ingredients that we have managed to fit into one beautiful bottle then click here!

We hope you are excited to try this routine for yourself, you are going to fall in love with the results, trust us on this!

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