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Our New Ora Rosa - Gold Infused Radiance Nectar Will Take Your Self-Love Ritual To The Next Level!

March 28, 2021

Ladies (and gents!), when was the last time you truly took time out to take care of yourself?

We aren’t talking about that two minute tea break or that steamy shower that was cut short by your rushing to get out of the door and into your day.

We’re talking about the last time you really treated yourself? The last time you had even a few moments of blissed out silence all to yourself while indulging in pure luxury.

Too often we run around all day long and then by the end of the day we have hardly any time to relax and unwind before hitting the sheets in preparation for the next day, where we do it all over again.

Wouldn’t you agree that you deserve a little time out? If you’re saying “heck yeah!” right about now then we are with you, that’s what we want to hear!

This was the inspiration behind our beautiful, limited edition Ora Rosa Serum. We wanted to create a product that will help you to feel like you are truly doing something incredible for your skin, while rose essential oil helps to add a dose of decadence while soothing your frazzled nerves and calming your mind.

From our gorgeous packaging to our wonderful ingredients, right down to the aromatic scent of beautiful rose, this incredible nectar is sure to become a fixture in your beauty ritual.

It’s so much more than “just another serum” and you’ll know what we mean when you try it for yourself!

What’s In Rose Ora Serum and What Can It Do for Your Skin?

This gold infused radiance nectar is a truly luxurious facial oil and we have ensured you feel like a Queen when you hold it in your hands thanks to it’s beautiful clear bottle with a gorgeous gold top, hinting at the luxuriousness inside.

100% pure organic Vitamin E (from natural wheatgerm) will fight free radicals while aiding in tissue repair and fading scars with regular use.

Jojoba oil has to be one of our favorite oils, thanks to its ability to perfectly mimic the skin’s own sebum. This means your pores readily drink it up, allowing it to leave your skin soft and soothed.

Sweet almond oil provides the kind of dewy hydration that dreams are made of, while fighting skin inflammation for a happy and healthy complexion.

Premium prickly pear cactus oil adds deep hydration at a cellular level, while its antioxidant content fights off free radicals and even helps to manage acne-prone skin.

Sea Buckthorn seed oil will help to control and balance excess sebum while strengthening the skin and boosting collagen production for plumper, more youthful skin with fewer lines and wrinkles.

Avocado oil will help to add hydration while repairing damaged skin thanks to its potent concentration of Vitamin E.

Apricot kernel oil provides deep anti-inflammatory nourishment while softening the skin, and helping to fade scars and marks for juicy, perfectly balanced skin!

Fractionated coconut oil and Rose essential oil tie up this beautiful blend and work together to provide a serious radiance boost while soothing your mind.

We should mention that this nectar is a multi-purpose beauty and can be used as a hair oil, cuticle oil and body oil too!

So now that we have told you all about it, we should let you know that we will only be selling 1000 of these bottles so you better hurry and get yours while you can! Priced at $50 a bottle, just a few drops is all you need for an instant hydrating and radiance boost, meaning it’s money well-spent!

We hope our serum will help to bring you one step closer to treatin' yo'self like royalty ;) 

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