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Give your Eyes a Boost with Caffeine!

Give your Eyes a Boost with Caffeine!

March 11, 2022

Tired, puffy eyes with dark circles are something we try desperately to avoid but let’s be honest, life happens and we can’t always be getting the 8 hours of sleep we need, night after night.

Apart from sleep, hereditary factors play a role too, so you may get all the sleep in the world only to still be asked “why do you look so tired?” (insert eye roll here)

Environmental factors, the foods you eat, your stress levels all play a major role too and we know that sometimes it’s hard to balance it all out.

This is where a caffeine-infused eye cream can really help you out!

Why caffeine? 

Bags and dark circles be gone!

Caffeine is a stimulant, which is why you feel that instant energy boost when you get your caffeine fix first thing in the morning.

However, these stimulating effects extend to the skin when applied topically and you’ll soon be asking where this eye cream has been all your life when you see the results for yourself.

Caffeine boosts blood circulation for instant depuffing effects, while anti-inflammatory properties reduce swelling, redness and dark circles.

Fights the signs of aging

Hydration is the key to youthful skin, not to mention antioxidants that fight against the aging effects of free radicals and this eye cream is jam-packed in a hefty dose of both!

Our signature oils, including jojoba, apricot kernel oil and prickly pear, deliver deep down dewy hydration for bright, happy peepers while delivering a deep dose of antioxidants and omega fatty acids to keep the delicate under-eye skin beautifully youthful.

This coffee bean-infused silky formula contains a variety of vitamins and nutrients for preventative therapy to help guard against environmental damage and signs of aging, while soothing and protecting the skin.

Protects against and repairs UV and environmental damage

We have also included some powerful amino acids in our eye cream, including L-leucine, known for its ability to aid in tissue repair, increase elasticity, prevent lines and wrinkles and tighten saggy skin, yes please!

This incredible nutrient-packed eye cream will repair and regenerate your skin thanks to antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E, along with a heap of other powerful antioxidants that will work together to minimize crow’s feet, age marks and sun spots for smoother, brighter eyes.

We can’t wait for you to try this for yourself!

Our eye cream is non-greasy and absorbs quickly for maximum results!

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Photo by Ivy Aralia Nizar on Unsplash

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