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How to choose the best beauty oil for your skin type

How to choose the best beauty oil for your skin type

October 15, 2020

Which Baja Basics oil is best for your skin?


Are you constantly battling to hydrate your dry, flaky skin? Are you looking for ways to actively protect your face and prevent signs of aging as your skin matures? Then Rosehip Oil is your guy! I like to call this one my all natural liquid botox.


Do you have combination or extra oily/break out prone skin? Are you tired of your face always looking shiny? If yes, then Prickly Pear Oil may be just the one for you. I know it sounds strange to use oil on oily skin, but believe it or not, Prickly Pear works to remove the dirty oil on your face and help to balance your natural oil production.

jojoba oil


Looking for a versatile oil that’s also the best bang for your buck?? There are so ways to use Jojoba! I love to use it as a body oil by itself or mixed with a clean lotion. This guy is also my go-to makeup remover and I use it to hydrate and repair my hair when the ends get dry or split. This oil can also work wonders on your cuticles, and it makes a great beard oil! Finally, I love using Jojoba as a carrier oil for all my essential oil favorites. For maximum results, first cleanse your face with a natural toner and pat dry with a clean, soft cloth. Gently tone with Rose Water, then apply a serum containing a humectant to draw moisture to your skin (like my Collagen Boosting Facial Serum) and then seal in all that moisture with your oil of choice! And don’t forget to actively protect and restore your eye area with my natural Caffeine Cream


By Ashley Davis

Instagram: @bajabasics

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