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How to Layer Your Products for the Most Effective Skincare Regimen

How to Layer Your Products for the Most Effective Skincare Regimen

October 21, 2021

The order you apply your skincare products to your skin matters, however, we know when it comes to serums, oils and lotions it can all get a little confusing.

If you don’t apply them correctly though, they aren’t going to work as effectively for your skin and if you’re splurging and treating your skin to the good stuff then you deserve to be getting the most out of all those wonderful skin lovin’ nutrients!

Fear not! We are here to save the day and ensure you layer like a pro to get the absolute most out of your beautiful skin care products. Let’s get started!

First things first: Let’s Cleanse

Don’t even think about about applying your nutrient-infused skincare to skin that has not been cleansed first, this a golden rule in the beauty world.

You want to clean our dirt and impurities, opening up your pores so they can readily drink up your silky oils and antioxidant-rich elixirs.

The cleanser you use matters. You want one that is gentle yet effective, cleans deeply yet never overdries. Our Charcoal Cleanser lives up to this task and you’ll soon wonder how you lived without this incredible beauty ingredient until now.

Always massage your cleanser in for a good minute or two so the ingredients can do their job before rinsing with lukewarm water and patting dry with a clean, fluffy towel.

Toning is your second step

Toning is often an overlooked step in a beauty regime, that is until you start adding it in and see the positive benefits for yourself. It’s not only refreshing (hello Rose Water!) but it also helps to balance your skin’s pH levels and perfectly prep your complexion for the next step in your skincare ritual.

Let’s serum it up for number 3

Next golden rule? Serum before oil always. Many people confuse this step, but serum should always come third. Now let us just say, we don’t think you’ll need to keep searching once you try our best selling Collagen Boosting Serum for yourself. It glides beautifully onto the skin, has a juicy, fruity scent and is jam-packed in skin goodies for visible results!

Our loyal customers describe it as “magic” and we think that’s the best word for it!

Don’t forget your peepers

While your serum sinks in, it’s time to show your delicate eye area some love too. Our Caffeine Eye Cream will banish all your under-eye woes, namely puffiness, bags and dark circles. Adios, good knowing ya!

Oil comes last to tie it all together

The last step in your skincare ritual is always oil. If you apply lotion, then lotion comes after serum and before oil, but an oil is more than effective enough after a serum alone.

Oil helps to lock in all the nutrients you have just applied while forming a healthy barrier to protect the skin against pollutants, as well as preventing water loss through the pores.

We have a variety of luxurious oil for all skin types that will leave your skin glowing and deeply hydrated and dewy.

Try our Oil Trio to try our top oils for yourself! Or get a full skin set with our Balancing Bundle!

We hope this makes things a little easier for you to understand. Skin care should be fun, not complicated!

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