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How to Really Cleanse Your Skin: Let’s Focus on the Steps Before your Serums and Oils

How to Really Cleanse Your Skin: Let’s Focus on the Steps Before your Serums and Oils

September 09, 2022

We adore facial oils, and one of our favorite things to do is to share all the wonderful ways you can use a facial oil in your daily ritual for beautiful, glowing skin day after day.

However, did you know that the steps that come before slathering on those silky oils really do matter?

You want skin that is not only clean, but pores that are open and ready to drink up all the nutrients that are brimming in each and every one of our serums and oils.

That’s what today is all about! So get comfy, brew up a cup of tea and take a few moments just for yourself as you dig into our latest read!

Oil before cleanser

Say what? You’re probably thinking “didn’t you just say oil comes after the cleansing steps?”

An oil is actually going to be the very first and very last step of your routine. For this first step you simply need a plain oil such as avocado or coconut to help melt away dirt and impurities before going in with your cleanser of choice.

This step is especially important if you wear makeup as one cleanse may not remove all of it. You want to remove as much as you can so your pores are more easily able to absorb the nutrients from your cleanser.

For this oil-cleansing method, you will simply massage about a teaspoon of your oil of choice between your hands and then get to work gently massaging it into your skin with your fingertips for a minute or two.

Use some organic cotton pads or a cleansing cloth (warm water only!) to gently wipe the oil off your face.

Time to cleanse

Now that you have removed the majority of oil, dirt, grime or makeup from your skin you can rest assured that your skin will be soaking up all the love from your cleanser!

Choose from our wonderfully gentle aloe cleanser or our powerful charcoal cleanser for an even deeper clean.

You don’t have to do a double cleanse morning and night, a cleanser works perfectly on its own in the morning. We simply recommend a double-cleanse at night after your skin has picked up oils throughout the day and also because you may have worn a full face of makeup all day.


It’s time to complete the last step before your serums and oils; toning with nourishing rose water!

The beautiful essential oils will uplift your skin and your spirits while balancing and perfectly prepping it for your oils.

Now that you have double-cleansed and toned, your skin is officially ready for your follow up products! You can wear our serums and oils on their own, but if you wear them together then remember that serum comes before oil.

You want to apply it to your skin that is still damp from your rose water for optimal absorption.

We hope you enjoyed this article and that it helps you to look forward to your skincare ritual.

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