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is jojoba oil good for face

Is Jojoba Oil Good for Your Skin? Here Are 3 Reasons You May Want To Try It!

February 25, 2021

It’s no secret that we love oils, here at Baja Basics, but there’s one that holds a special place in our heart, and you’ll soon learn why!

Jojoba oil, pronounced “ho-hoba” is the only oil that most closely resembles your skin’s own natural sebum, meaning your pores readily drink it up.

Native to Arizona, California and Mexico, the Jojoba plant is a woody, evergreen shrub, and the oil is extracted from the seeds/nuts. However, did you know it’s not really an oil at all, but rather a type of melted wax? Your skin loves the texture of Jojoba and silky, smooth skin will soon become a reality when you add it into your skincare ritual.

Jojoba oil is a light-colored oil that can be kept for years if stored in a dark place, and it has no fragrance making it ideal for sensitive skin and noses alike.

Keep reading for just 3 wonderful benefits of this lovely oil!

Provides deep hydration and keeps the skin youthful

Moisture is key for youthful skin and jojoba oil provides it in spades, yet it never leaves behind an uncomfortable, greasy finish.

Jojoba oil can help to increase skin elasticity and suppleness while minimizing the appearance of superficial lines and wrinkles thanks to its rich concentration of B vitamins and Vitamin E, an antioxidant vitamin that helps to repair skin tissue while neutralizing damaging free radicals. 

Anti-inflammatory properties keep the skin calm and clear

Skin inflammation is no fun. It can cause redness, irritation and breakouts, something we simply don’t have time for in our busy lives!

Jojoba oil has powerful anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-microbial properties, and also contains iodine to fight and prevent bacteria in the skin. This makes jojoba as popular with troubled skin as it does with more mature skin.

Helps to restore parched locks

The benefits of jojoba oil extend beyond your skin, right to those stressed out strands!

Jojoba oil helps to hydrate the scalp and can help to finally manage dandruff and the associated itching and embarrassing flakes. You can massage jojoba oil directly into your roots and leave for 30 minutes or overnight as a hair treatment or use on your ends to instantly give your hair some life and to seal split ends.

Click here to treat yourself to Jojoba oil today, your skin and your hair will thank you!

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