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3 Luxurious Natural Ingredients That Will Take Care Of Your Skin for Years To Come!

April 29, 2021

If you have been with us for a while then you know how much we love our skincare ingredients. If you are new then you will soon learn how much love we pour into each and every skincare ingredient that you will find in our products!

We have taken time selecting only the very best, not only for your precious skin, but for your health too, not to mention the health of our precious planet.

Synthetic ingredients don’t really offer any long-term skin benefits, and because a portion of everything you apply to your skin enters into your bloodstream, synthetic ingredients may actually put your health at risk!

We think you deserve more than that.

You deserve to enjoy a skincare ritual that will elevate your senses as it layers your skin in nutrients and never puts your health in jeopardy.

Today we want to highlight 3 absolutely gorgeous ingredients in our wonderful Rose Ora Serum! Keep reading to find out more!

Vitamin E Oil

You absolutely cannot go wrong when you introduce your pores to this potent antioxidant! Vitamin E helps to neutralize damaging free radicals that may pose harm to your skin cells and accelerate the aging process.

It aids in tissue repair, helping to heal damaged skin while also helping to fade scars with regular use.

This is one ingredient you won’t want to be without once you add it into your routine, trust us!

Rose Essential Oil

This beautiful oil is the foundation of this heavenly serum.

The subtle, elegant rose scent adds a dose of pure luxury to this serum, just feel your senses lift as you inhale the beautiful aroma.

Your skincare ritual should be just as much for your mind as it is for your skin, and when you are using ingredients this pure and close to nature you will succeed in enjoying a fantastic aromatherapy experience that will leave your mind calm and your skin glowing!

This decadent oil also helps to fight skin inflammation and boost cell turnover, promoting collagen production for plumper, smoother, more balanced skin.

24K Gold flakes 

Yes, that’s right! This serum is infused with real gold flakes baby!

According to a renowned dermatologist, Dr. King, “24K gold is the purest type of gold available.” Unlike 10K, 14K and 18K gold, which are all made from an alloy of gold and other metals, 24K gold is made of 100% pure gold.”

Not only does gold in this formula help you to unleash your inner Goddess, it’s excellent for your skin too and will add a beautiful radiance boost!

For a beautiful self-love skincare ritual start with our Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser, followed by a spritz of nourishing uplifting Rose Water.

While your skin is still dewy from your Rose water, use your fingertips to press and massage our silky, luxurious Rose Ora Serum deep into your pores.

Hurry! We are only selling 1000 bottles of this beauty and they are going fast! Click here to get yours now!

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