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My Quest for Silky, Shiny Hair Ends With This…

My Quest for Silky, Shiny Hair Ends With This…

October 04, 2023

If you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled for yeeears to find hair care products that actually work for your hair type and needs.

Sure, the shelves are lined with shiny bottles making big claims, but more often than not, you end up disappointed with the results, right? I mean, it’s usually hit or miss no matter the brand!

For me personally, lackluster, damaged hair seemed to be my fate after spending years in the sun and sea. Of course I’m not complaining, BUT, a girl can dream about silky, shiny hair even while putting it through the ringer can’t she?!

So, when I discovered an ancient, natural ingredient used for centuries in parts of Asia that promised to do just that, I was immediately intrigued…

Unbeknownst to me, this humble pantry staple (in some parts) contains *just* the right vitamins and minerals for breathing life back into hair.

And you know I just had to get my hands on it and try it for myself. This is what I found…

What this ancient natural ingredient did for my hair…

After incorporating this ingredient into my routine, I can report that my hair has indeed changed dramatically.

I’m not just saying that either…

Baby hairs are sprouting, filling in sparse patches!

The breakage I was constantly battling has diminished thanks to added strength and elasticity from this product.

Soft, bouncy curls have emerged from my once frizzy, unmanageable hair, with ingredients from the earth, including Rose Water and Aloe Vera replenishing moisture.

Even the natural shine has been restored - no sprays needed! Can we say hallelujah?!

Now, dear reader, before you start thinking to yourself, “This sounds way too good to be true…” let me enlighten you a bit on the science behind it…

So what’s the science behind it?

The magic of our mystery product lies in its unique nutrient profile.

It contains essential vitamins like Vitamin B5, Inositol and Vitamin C which repair damage by nourishing hair follicles and increasing blood circulation. Minerals strengthen strands and boost elasticity to prevent breakage, antioxidants reduce friction and inflammation, and amino acids lock in moisture.

Yepp, pretty much does it all.

But does such a do-it-all product come easy to use?

How do I use this do-it-all product?

This magic elixir couldn’t be simpler to use if you tried.

No, really, it comes ready for you in a handly glass pump bottle, which evenly distributes the fine, subtly rose-scented mist all over your hair.

Use it on wet or dry hair, it doesn’t matter!

As a leave-in treatment

Some people prefer using it as an overnight leave-in treatment, spritzing it on and letting it saturate their hair, and then washing and drying like they usually do the morning after. The great part about using it as a leave-in is that, unlike many other treatments, it doesn’t rely on alcohol as one of the top ingredients!

After washing hair

Other people use it as a spray-on after washing, and then either leaving hair to air dry, or drying as usual. While many other products left on after washing end up causing build-up and heaviness, you won’t find that here.

Before washing hair

Others still, allow it to penetrate for 5-10 minutes, then rinse and dry as usual.

It really is up to you, and how you’ll find it best fits into your current hair routine.

I will say one thing… no matter how you end up using it, it will only add to your routine, and may even replace some of your other products (like volumizing sprays, frizz taming sprays, etc) all together!

So what are you waiting for?

For truly transformative hair care, ancient wisdom knows best I say. A ritual using this humble but potent ingredient can reveal silky, shiny, healthy strands. Your inner radiance will shine through your locks!

If you're intrigued and want silky, shiny hair too, stay tuned because we have a special product in the works that contains this ancient secret!


Photo by Polina Kuzovkova on Unsplash

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