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Product Spotlight: Rice Water Hair Spray

Product Spotlight: Rice Water Hair Spray

November 23, 2021

We are constantly working behind the scenes on new products for you and we have to be honest, this is one product we are especially excited about!

No one wants to deal with dry, dull locks and with this nourishing spray you’ll kiss parched strands away for good!

Keep reading to learn more about our truly beautiful Rice Water Hair Spray infused with aromatic Rose and more hair lovin’ goodies!

Why rice water?

Rice Water contains inositol. It is often referred to as Vitamin B8 but is not really a vitamin at all, rather a substance found naturally in the human body. It is able to penetrate damaged hair and repair it from the inside out. It can even help to protect your locks from future damage!

Other key ingredients

Apart from rice water, we have also included Rose water, Vitamin B5, vItamin C and aloe vera for a hair elixir that will work magic on your hair from root to tip!

These ingredients work together to soothe and nourish the scalp, promote hair growth, aid in natural conditioning and detangling, strengthen and thicken hair, while providing deep down hydration for hair that shines with healthy bounce while preventing and minimizing the appearance of split ends.

What else you need to know

Safe for all hair types and textures

No matter how sensitive your scalp or how fine or thick your hair, this nutrient-packed spray is sensitive enough for all scalps, and will reduce dryness and nourish your scalp and roots.

Tames frizz and restores damaged hair

This is an ultra-hydrating hair thickening spray, designed to boost even the finest, limpest locks. It will smooth and tame frizz without ever weighing your hair down (we love that bounce!) while ingredients sourced straight from Mother Earth (hello Rose water and aloe vera!) will help to replenish lost moisture and restore damaged hair.

Packed in Vitamins and nutrients

Not only will our rich concentration of vitamins instantly perk up tired tresses, Vitamin C, inositol and B5 work beautifully together to leave your hair shining brighter than a diamond! We are all for that natural shine that screams healthy, happy hair!

Provides nourishment from root to tip

Sick of trying every treatment and product under the sun to try and finally grow out your hair? Well, you won’t have to keep searching when you find the one aka our Rice Water Hair Spray because with regular use your hair will grow longer, stronger and healthier, hallelujah!

Your hair is going to love you for treating it to this luxurious spray, trust us! We love hearing your feedback and want to know just how much you love it when you try it for yourself!



Photo by rminedaisy ❊ on Unsplash

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