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Here’s Why Celebs Swear By Rosehip Oil for Hair, Skin, and Beauty!

June 08, 2021

Yes, we sure do love our oils here at Baja Basics, but there’s one in particular that is so good it has actually gained a cult following with many celebrities as part of it.

With praise from top celebs including Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Middleton, you just know that this oil has to be pretty impressive, take a look at their complexions for confirmation!

In today’s post we thought we would let you in on why rosehip oil has gained so much popularity, as well as share a few celebs who swear by it for beautiful, healthy, youthful and luminous skin!

So why is rosehip oil so incredible?

Rosehip oil has some truly remarkable anti-aging benefits thanks to its powerful blend of antioxidants, including Vitamin A for skin strengthening, Vitamin C to brighten and Vitamin E to neutralize free radicals.

Rosehip oil can help to fight against skin damage such as discoloration and age spots caused by overexposure to UV rays. The rich array of fatty acids along with Vitamin E helps to aid in tissue repair, fading scars and marks and improving the skin’s elasticity.

Vitamin A is excellent for helping to strengthen the skin barrier, preventing moisture loss through the pores for youthful, hydrated skin. Vitamin C, our favorite beauty vitamin, also helps to prevent the signs of aging as it helps to boost the production of collagen for plumper, firmer skin.

Some celebs who can’t keep their hands off it!

Kate Middleton

Kate actually started the buzz around rosehip oil when she credited her flawless complexion during her pregnancy with Charlotte to it.

She has continued to keep it in her skincare ritual as she loves the effect it has on her skin and her mother, Carol Middleton, loves it too.

Miranda Kerr

In an interview with PopSugar Beauty, model Miranda Kerr gushed over this luxurious oil. “I like to wear rosehip oil at night. It’s full of that many antioxidants and it really works on a cellular level too to rejuvenate the skin. I put that on at night and I wake up glowing.”

Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Rose Byrne and Kourtney Kardashian are just a few more celebs who adore this coveted oil.

Rosehip oil is so wonderfully rich that a little goes a long way but that doesn’t mean acne skin won’t love it too! The potent antioxidants fight inflammation and calm redness associated with troubled complexions.

Use 2-3 drops and warm it between your fingertips before massaging into your face, neck and décolletage morning and evening. At night it will work its magic while you sleep and it’s great as a makeup primer, allowing your foundation to simply glide right on!

We hope this article has lit a fire of excitement within you to try this fantastic oil for yourself!

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Photo by Ľuboš Felčík on Unsplash

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