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Simple Tips on how to Recycle your Empties

Simple Tips on how to Recycle your Empties

May 30, 2024

Here, at Baja Basics, our mission is on clean skincare that is not only good for your skin and your health, but also safe for our precious planet.

We believe that if we all do our part then we can help this Earth be a better and cleaner place for all of us.

While good ingredients play a major role in not adding more pollution to our planet, recycling plays a pretty hefty role too! It’s pretty awesome to think that if we all work together we can lower our Carbon footprint.

In terms of our products, we thought we would share some tips, as all our products are recyclable!

Check the laws in your state

First things first! You want to be sure you are following the laws in your specific area, because while we can share the most common ways to recycle empties, the laws do differ from place to place so be sure to check on that first.

Keep ‘em clean

Most people tend to toss recyclables in the trash as soon as the product is up, but there are still traces behind, and in this case it can no longer be recycled.

It’s okay if you have been doing this, you didn’t know before and now you do. Give your products a good rinse before recycling and make sure no traces of product are left behind.

Keep the lids in place

Small parts, like screw tops or lids cannot be recycled on their own, as they are too small for the recycling process so make sure to keep the lids firmly screwed on.

We don’t have too many parts to our packaging making the whole process flow a little easier.

Remove the label? 

This is one you may not have been aware of, but some recycling centers require labels to be removed before recycling, however this is not common as heat during the recycling process tends to burn the label away.

This simply comes down to the laws where you live.

Re-use your bottles!

Okay so this tip excites us, because it involves being creative and is a lot of fun!

Instead of throwing your bottles away, why not reuse them?

For example, when you run out of Rose water, why not keep the bottle and while you wait for your new one to arrive, use chilled tea as a DIY toner!

Simply brew up a cup of tea, let it cool and then fill your bottle and leave in the fridge.

Of course, unlike our Rose water, this won’t last as long, but it’s a great way to reuse your bottle and enjoy a chilled spritz of your tea of choice whenever you need some dewy nourishment!

Spritz before your oils and after makeup to set it.

Chamomile, lavender and lemon balm are our favorite teas as they help to soothe and calm the skin.

We’d love to know any of your own tips, feel free to share with us!

We hope this article has helped and made you see recycling and reusing products in a whole new light! 

Small, daily changes add up, and as long as we are all doing our part, we can help to make a difference together. 

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