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Skin Purging vs Breaking Out: Here’s What you Need to know

Skin Purging vs Breaking Out: Here’s What you Need to know

July 28, 2022

What is skin purging?

Skin purging sounds like something out of a horror film, but we promise it’s not as scary as it sounds!

Skin purging is essentially a skin detox. It happens when you switch to clean, antioxidant-rich products after using conventional products for a period of time.

Think of it in terms of when you experience a body detox. Even if you have never done a cleanse or hardcore detox, we have all experienced at least some mild effects of detoxing, be it after a holiday and indulging in food we may not normally eat or after a night of drinking.

When you go back to your usual, healthier meals or the days after drinking when you’re just sipping on tea and water, you’re going to experience signs of detoxing with symptoms that may include fatigue, moodiness, nausea and breakouts.

This is simply toxins making their way out of your system. Until they are fully cleansed from your body, you are going to feel some undesirable effects.

If you have been using synthetic ingredients on your skin, your skin is going to go through a temporary detox when you make the switch to clean products. The pores simply drink up antioxidants and they sink deeper than synthetics, flushing out any stored chemicals, pushing them up to the surface of your skin.

The result is pimples that may pop up (excuse the pun!) initially, but they won’t hang around forever. Conventional products often cover up issues as a “band-aid” effect so these pimples were likely lurking under the skin needing to come out and once you use products that work deep, they do.

How can I be sure this is skin Purging and not just regular breakouts?

The most obvious difference is that pimples as a result of skin purging may appear suddenly after starting new skincare so simply be aware.

Actual breakouts occur on a regular basis and are a result of anything from hormonal changes to the foods you’re eating to excess stress in your life.

Another thing to pay attention to is that pimples from skin purging usually appear in areas where you tend to be oilier, or where you have clogged pores, such as your nose. Your new, clean ingredients are clearing out dirt and bacteria and setting the foundation for radiant, healthy skin!

How long does skin purging last?

It shouldn’t take longer than a month, but it’s important to stick to your new regime and not add any other products to confuse your skin and aggravate it more. Try to stick with it because it’s continuous, daily use of your new products that is going to ensure your skin clears up and you can finally fall in love with your skin.

Our final say is that truly healthy skin, infused with ingredients to provide long-term results and that will never put your health at risk, far outweighs the temporary effects of skin purging. You deserve to have happy, healthy skin, and not just for one night!



Photo by Morgan Alley on Unsplash

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