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sweet almond oil for skin benefits

The Wonderful Benefits of Sweet Almond Oil for Gorgeous Skin

February 03, 2021

You may be more familiar with almonds as a healthy snack on the go, or perhaps you favorite almond milk in place of dairy for the healthiest, creamiest lattes!

Almonds pack a punch in terms of nutrient content, and are bursting in fatty acids and vitamins that provide a heap of health benefits from managing cholesterol to reducing your risk of diabetes.

What you may not realize, however, is that almonds can help your skin externally too! Don’t panic, we aren’t going to tell you to dunk your head into a bowl of almond milk! Instead we are going to let you in on the benefits of one of our favorite oils; sweet almond oil!

Ripe almonds are pressed with minimal heat to extract the oil from the nut, and this also preserves and maintains the high nutrient content.

Keep reading to learn more about how this beautiful oil can transform your skin from blah to beautiful!

Provides deep down hydration for dewy, ageless skin

Hydration is the key to youthful skin, and sweet almond oil provides this in spades!

Sweet almond oil is unique in that it has the ability to trap moisture in the skin, ensuring that water is not lost through the pores.

The result? Dewy, radiant skin that is easily able to promote the formation of collagen for taut, plump, youthful skin.

Anti-inflammatory properties help to keep the skin clear

No one wants to deal with skin inflammation, it often means redness and blemishes, not to mention skin that just feels uncomfortable and irritated.

Sweet almond oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties to help fight inflammation, meaning happier, healthier, clearer skin that feels soothed and calm.

Prevents and fades stretch marks 

Stretch marks are so completely natural and human so don’t you dare feel ashamed of your beautiful tiger stripes!

Of course, we do understand that you may want to find ways to reduce the intensity of them or to prevent new ones from appearing if you can, and this is where sweet almond oil can really help thanks to its rich concentration of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin that helps to aid in tissue repair and regeneration while fighting skin damaging free radicals.

May help to reduce dark under eye circles 

Something that many people have jumped on is the fact that sweet almond oil does seem to have a positive effect on dark under-eye circles, helping to brighten them within just 2 weeks! It can even help to reduce the appearance of a suntan (we have all had tanning mishaps!) when you apply it with a little lemon juice and honey, massage into the skin and then rinse off.

We adore this gorgeous oil and hope you are excited to try it after reading all of its excellent benefits! It will soon be available in a beautiful special limited edition facial serum we are currently working on for you!

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