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The Secret to Healthy, Glowing Skin? Hydration, Baby! 3 Simple Steps to Transform your Skin from Blah to Beautiful

The Secret to Healthy, Glowing Skin? Hydration, Baby! 3 Simple Steps to Transform your Skin from Blah to Beautiful

June 30, 2022

The secret to youthful skin is hydration, it really is that simple. Okay, sure, the foods you eat matter too, as well as ensuring you are keeping your stress levels at bay.

However, the way we refer to hydration here is not just externally, in the form of heavenly facial oils, but internally too, because what goes in reflects on the outside.

Not only is hydration key for slowing down the signs of aging, it also helps to keep your skin positively luminous.

Hydrated skin cells are happy skin cells. They’re plump and juicy (hello youthful skin!) and they ensure an even skin tone. You also won’t have to deal with any annoying dry patches or areas of irritation, we think you know what we mean here!

So how can you ensure your skin is at the max hydration level? Keep reading to find out…

Limit the sugar

Too many people drink cup after cup of coffee, sugary latte or other frothy beverage that is certainly tasty yet dries out the skin as sugar draws water out of the cells.

Soda doesn’t count either, because even though it’s a thirst quencher it’s not actually hydrating your body thanks, once again, to the massive amounts of sugar.

We believe that you should still enjoy a treat (everything in moderation, after all!) but why not try a healthier version that tastes just as good, yet isn’t drying out your skin day after day?

Just try this delicious dairy and sugar free vanilla latte and you will see what we mean! It even has collagen for an added skin boost!

Drink your water

We say this in a mildly assertive way because we know you may not be drinking enough!

Trust us, we get it, we have heard it all, and we relate too.

“Water is so boring”

“I get so busy I forget to drink my water”

The fact of the matter, however, is that water is essential for not only healthy skin but for a healthy body too. Water ensures your digestive system is running smoothly, which in turn helps to flush toxins from your body for clear, happy skin, it’s a win-win!

Try and make it a habit to start every morning with warm water and a squeeze of lime or lemon right upon waking.

Herbal teas count towards your total water intake too and you could try these yummy infused-water recipes to spruce up plain ol’ water.

Also, if you’re drinking caffeine or alcohol make sure to drink one cup of water alongside each drink to help counteract the dehydrating effects.

Drench your skin in antioxidant-rich oils

So you’re taking care of the inside, now it’s time to show your skin that same love on the outside.

Nothing, and we mean nothing, hydrates quite like the right facial oils. From Jojoba to Rosehip, we have an array of oils that will satisfy every skin type while delivering potent nutrients deep into your pores for skin that is dewy, radiant and perfectly hydrated 24/7.

Check out our gorgeous oil trio here.


If you’re looking to better understand oils, as well as serums, then give this a read! 

We hope we have helped you on your hydration journey. Remember, beautiful skin is just as much about what goes in as what you apply externally. Your skin, and your body, will thank you when you give it inside out love.


Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

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