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Why Men Need Skincare Too: A No-Fuss 3 Step Routine

Why Men Need Skincare Too: A No-Fuss 3 Step Routine

April 20, 2022

Men often shy away from skincare routines as most of the time they want something quick and fuss-free, and so a splash of water usually becomes the extent of their skincare ritual (yes, we’re cringing too!)

Okay, so to be fair, a splash of cologne is often part of most men’s routines too, but guys need (and deserve!) to take good care of their skin too!

If you’re a guy reading this or perhaps there is a man in your life you are trying to convert in favor of a good skincare regime then this article is for you

It’s simple and quick, yet our powerful ingredients ensure it’s highly effective so you can see and feel actual results. Results that will have you coming back day after day.

Let’s dive in!


Men tend to have naturally thicker skin than women so a deep cleanse is in order and what better ingredient than charcoal to get the job done? Yeah, we don’t know either!

Our Charcoal cleanser will work deep to pull dirt and impurities out of the pores, prepping the skin for the perfect shave or simply the day ahead!


Thicker skin and larger pores means skin that naturally produces more oil (good news in terms of aging!) however, you don’t want to apply anything too thick or heavy.

Jojoba oil is one that most closely resembles the skin’s own natural sebum, meaning it is readily absorbed, providing the perfect amount of moisture, while leaving behind no greasy feel. 

Don’t forget your eyes

One thing that may make a man appear older are dark circles, bags and lines around the eyes. Many men don’t want to wear concealer to cover imperfections, so why not let a good eye cream help to brighten this area?

There’s nothing like caffeine for an instant boost, and that includes for your skin when applied topically! Our caffeine eye-cream will instantly wake up tired eyes, minimize signs of aging with daily use and instantly tighten up the under-eye area, sending those pesky bags packing.

Yup, it’s that easy! This 3-step routine is a breeze and one that’s super simple to stick to!

Get all these products in our Man Bundle! Makes for an awesome gift too!

 We love hearing your feedback so do share with us how this routine works for you!

@xringdriven shares loads of awesome shaving tips on his instagram to ensure you get your smoothest and closest shave! We are so proud that he loves our facial oils as part of his routine! Check out his page to learn more!


Photo by Lumin on Unsplash

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