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Your Spring Beauty Guide is here!

Your Spring Beauty Guide is here!

April 21, 2023

Ah, Spring, the season of renewal…

Buds are popping up everywhere, promising lush leaves and vibrant flowers and we can’t help but feel a bright sense of optimism in the air.

We tend to set goals right at the start of the year, during the chilly months when our body actually wants to hibernate.

We then feel discouraged and get hard on ourselves when motivation fails us, but a better time to set goals is when the season shifts into warmer temps and longer days.

This is the perfect time of year to set yourself up for a daily skin and hair care ritual that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated every day!

When you look good, you feel good, it’s a fact!

Here are our top tips for the ultimate Spring beauty routine.

Hydration is key

No matter the season, this is one tip we will always include, and it becomes even more important now that the temps are heating up.

It’s no secret that hydration is key for glowing, youthful skin, but you want to be sure you are staying hydrated from the inside too!

Sip on pure, filtered water throughout your day (herbal teas count too!) and add a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime for an added glowing Vitamin C boost! Your immune system will love you too…

As for the best products for combating dry skin? Our Hydrating Bundle has you covered!

Multi-purpose products are your best friend

No one wants to follow a ten plus product skincare ritual, no matter how much we like bingeing those Youtube videos!

Multi-purpose products mean you can incorporate your skincare routine into your busy, active lifestyle.

After applying our oils to your skin, use the excess to massage into your cuticles, the ends of your hair to help with splits and any other stubborn areas of dryness, such as the elbows.

Use our Rose water to prep your skin, to set your makeup, as a hair mist and on your pillow to help you drift off.

We’d love to know the ways you have found to use our products in multiple ways, let us know in the comment section!

Don’t skimp on the SPF

Another tip we will include in every guide, especially this time of year…

SPF is a MUST, there really is no way around it. It’s the last step in your routine, on top of your oils and serums and don’t forget areas like your ears and your hands too.

Be sure to opt for the natural options that include zinc and titanium dioxide as the active ingredients, as these are both better for the environment and your health!

Make it a ritual

Last, but not least, you want to (and deserve to) really enjoy your skincare routine.

Make it a natural part of your life, something you look forward to.

Set some time at the end of a long busy day to light some candles or some incense, dim the lights and play some soothing tunes while indulging in a little self-massage with our Rose Oil Serum, the ultimate self-love elixir!

It will boost your mood while feeding your skin with everything it needs

We hope this article has inspired you to step into Spring feeling full of confidence!





Photo by J Lee on Unsplash

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