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Your Winter Skincare Guide for Comfortable and Glowing Skin all Season Long

Your Winter Skincare Guide for Comfortable and Glowing Skin all Season Long

January 17, 2023

We are well into the chilly season and while the lack of sunshine and cold winter air can take a toll on your mental health, as well as your skin, it’s not all doom and gloom!

If you’re one to huddle up with a good book or a cup of hot cocoa, Winter is the perfect excuse to slow down and roll with nature's natural rhythm of rest and slowing down.

If you’re an adventurous spirit then Winter is a great time to get outside and indulge in all those Winter activities from hitting the slopes to ice skating with the fam!

We want you to enjoy this season while it lasts and so we have put together our top tips to ensure your skin stays happy and hydrated on even the coldest days.

When your skin feels good and glows with health, you feel more comfortable and confident to soak up everything the season has to offer.

Let’s dive in!

Keep it simple

Forget trying to create an entire new skincare ritual and simply build on what you have been doing.

Winter is all about more hydration so now may be a good time to start incorporating a richer oil such as Rosehip oil into your ritual.

We recommend carrying our rose water spritzer with you everywhere you go as you can spritz your face throughout your day to ensure sufficient hydration levels.

Our bestselling Collagen Booster with Vitamin C will instantly revive dull winter skin and can be applied right under any of our oils.

You may also want to switch to a gentler aloe-based cleanser, designed to increase moisture in the skin along with a potent boost of nutrients.

Amp up that indoor moisture

A humidifier can make a huge difference in helping to put lost moisture back into your skin from indoor heating.

You could even add a few essential oils for an aromatherapy experience! We love Rose for lifting the spirits, peppermint to help you focus and lavender to soothe and calm.

Keep it warm

Yes, we know… it’s all about those steamy showers when it’s chilly out, but hot water can actually strip your skin of moisture.

Try to keep the water warm rather than too hot and follow up with a moisturizer to damp skin for best absorption. Add a few drops of our jojoba oil to your body moisturizer for extra soft and supple skin or apply on its own to extra dry areas such as the elbows and feet.

Don’t skip the SPF

SPF is an all year thing, not just a spring and summer thing, trust us!

Your skin is still at risk of UV damage even when the sun’s rays feel weak so it is very important to ensure you are slathering on yours every day as the last step in your skin routine and before makeup.

We recommend opting for a mineral-based sunscreen rather than a chemical-based one, as it’s better for your health and the environment.

We hope these tips will help you to banish those winter skin blues once and for all. Now get ready for the compliments to roll in!




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