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4 Ways to Romanticize your Life and your Skincare Ritual

4 Ways to Romanticize your Life and your Skincare Ritual

February 06, 2024

Romanticizing any part of your life means to nurture yourself and make yourself a priority. Self-love really is the best love and romanticizing your life means showing yourself love day after day.

It’s about presence, living with intention in each moment and finding the beauty in even the most mundane tasks. It’s also about allowing yourself to feel how you feel without judgement.

When you romanticize your life, you start to see beauty in every moment and learn how to experience more gratitude.

This helps us to find joy even when life seems particularly challenging.

Today we wanted to share ways you can romanticize your life and skincare ritual so you start to feel excited about waking up each day.

Add rose into your ritual

Nothing sets the tone quite like beautiful and uplifting romantic Rose when we think of romanticizing our life!

And no, we aren’t talking about receiving a bunch of roses, although that’s always lovely, of course!

A great way to add rose into your life is with a nourishing Rose Spray, perfect for showing your skin and your senses some love!

To stick with this rose theme, why not follow up your rose water spritz with our luxurious Rose Serum and a gua sha ritual that will leave your skin glowing and you feeling wonderfully relaxed!

If you really want to take things to the next level then why not whip up this beautiful rose latte to sip on during or after your skincare routine. 

Your space matters

Creating a space that feels soothing and relaxing is an essential part of romanticizing your life.

Remember that small changes add up and simply adding some soft warm light, lighting a candle or some incense, adding some greenery to your space and some soothing tunes can all go a long way in helping you to feel your best.

If you live in an area where there is not much green space near you, then apart from adding some plants to your space (spider plants are especially resilient and easy to take care of!) consider adding a large nature scene to a wall where you can see it frequently or skip the reality tv for a nature documentary.

Don’t forget to take regular breaks off your phone too!

Have fun!

Why not let your inner child come out and sing your heart out while you go about your ritual?

As long as you are enjoying yourself you are doing it right!

Play around and experiment by layering our serums and oils or adding some raw sugar to one of our cleansers to instantly transform it into a DIY exfoliator.

Slow down

You don’t want to rush through your ritual, remember, presence is key and when we rush we are often not in the present moment and this can cause much anxiety and stress.

You deserve time for yourself without guilt.

Slowly lather up your cleanser, pay attention to the smells of the products you are using (our essential oils have incredible aromatherapy benefits) and allow yourself to enjoy the process.

Here’s an evening wind down ritual you may love.

We hope we have helped to set the foundation for you to start romanticizing your skincare ritual. You can carry these tips with you into your everyday life, because everyone should romanticize their life a little more!




Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash

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