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How to Do your Skincare Ritual in the Right Order

How to Do your Skincare Ritual in the Right Order

March 16, 2022

This may seem silly, but we see so many people doing their skincare routines wrong and the order that you apply your products truly matters.

When you are treating your skin to rich nutrients and potent active ingredients, as we fill every bottle with, you want to be sure you are getting the most out of every drop.

So if you’ve been feeling a little confused, perhaps embarrassed to ask anyone, then this article was written for you!

These simple tips will ensure your pores drink up every last drop of your magical elixirs so your skin can glow with health and radiance!

Let’s dive in!

The first and most important step of all: Cleansing

Dirt and impurities need to make their way out of your pores before you should even think of applying any of our products to your skin.

Skin that has not been properly cleansed will put you at risk of breakouts, not to mention our ingredients won’t be able to properly absorb, and instead, sit on top of your pores providing no real benefit.

If there is one truly potent and deep cleansing ingredient, it has to be charcoal! It’s gentle yet will ensure every last impurity is banished, providing the perfect canvas for your beautiful oils and serums.

Always massage your cleanser in for a good minute or two so the ingredients can do their job before rinsing with lukewarm water and patting dry with a clean, fluffy towel.

Number 2: The overlooked step

Toning is often skipped and seen as an unnecessary step, but considering that it helps to nourish the skin, balance pH levels and enhance absorption of your oils, we have to disagree!

Our Rose water will uplift your skin and your senses for that boost you never knew you needed!

Number 3: Serum before oil

Your serum always comes before your oil as the particles are smaller and more easily absorbed into the pores.

Applying it while your skin is still slightly damp from your toner application will only enhance absorption so you are really getting the most out of it!

Number 4: Give your eyes some love

An eye cream is an absolute must, even if you don’t see any signs of aging as of yet! Caffeine is your new superhero ingredient that will banish puffiness and perk up your peepers having everyone clamouring for your secret!

Apply your eye cream while your serum soaks in. 

Number 5: Lock it in with a luxurious oil

The last step in your skincare ritual is always oil.

Oil helps to lock in all the nutrients you have just applied while forming a healthy barrier to protect the skin against pollutants, as well as preventing water loss through the pores.

We have a variety of luxurious oils for all skin types that will leave your skin glowing and deeply hydrated and dewy.

Try our Oil Trio to try our top oils for yourself! Or get a full skin set with our Balancing Bundle!

We hope this has helped you to better understand your skincare ritual so you can get the most out of all the beautiful ingredients!


Photo by Kalos Skincare on Unsplash

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