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5 Holistic Keys to Naturally Achieving a Healthy, Radiant Look without Compromise!

5 Holistic Keys to Naturally Achieving a Healthy, Radiant Look without Compromise!

August 08, 2019 1 Comment

Our skin is so closely connected with every system in our body. It is intimately linked to digestion, detoxification and even our nervous system. From an emotional standpoint, the health of our skin (and how we perceive it) effects our confidence, our interactions with others and how we show up every day. We cannot divide the skin from the rest of our bodies. Our skin (as well as our entire physicality) requires a bio-individual approach to achieve the balance and proper nourishment prescribed for a glowing, vibrant appearance!

Below are a few integrative tips you can easily implement in your daily routine:

1. Internal and external care

Our skin is mostly made up of proteins that are built with whatever nutrients are accessible. Biotin and niacinamide are two key foundational blocks as well as a full range of amino acids. This is why it’s important to have a diet rich in vitamins and anti-oxidant rich foods, as well as complete proteins. For topical care, look for products that are made from whole plants, like Rosehip Oil, for example.

2. Ditch the chemicals

Many mass produced synthetic skincare products contain health-harming chemicals that should be avoided at all costs. Most skincare products you’ll find at pharmacies or even spas contain ingredients that are not suited for the skin or the body. Many of these ingredients (chemicals) can cause irritation to the skin and even allergic reactions. Not to mention the fact that these products can add harmful toxins to your body that are absorbed through the skin. Try choosing products with recognizable ingredients that come from plants only, and stay away from any products listing “fragrance” or “parfum.” The less ingredients in the product, the better!

3. Stay hydrated!

Your skin actually only gets about 10% of the water you drink. Your vital organs are always hydrated first, so there’s not much left over to reach the skin. Of course drinking lots of water daily is recommended, but don’t forget to hydrate topically! Look for products with humectant ingredients that moisturize the skin. Try a floral steam distilled hydrosol like Rose Water (with a spray nozzle) that you can easily mist on your skin anytime of day, even when you’re on the go.

4. Lock in moisture with nourishing fats

Hydrating with a water based product is only useful if can stay contained in the cells. Water loss happens when there are not enough lipids involved to prevent water from seeping out or evaporating. It’s important to have enough lipids not only in your diet but it also helps a lot to have extra in your topical moisturizers to seal in water. Try eating foods that are rich in essential fatty acids and supplementing with fish oils. When choosing topical products, look for cold-pressed oils like Jojoba Oil and Prickly Pear Cactus Oil (full of Vitamin E) that are hydrating and help the skin retain and preserve moisture.

5. Love. Your. Skin.

This one can’t be emphasized enough. We tend to get overly focused on what our skin is showing us that we don’t like. Breakouts and blemishes are just reminding us that something is out of balance, which could be both internal end external. Treat your skin gently and lovingly when cleansing and applying products. And next time you take a look in the mirror, smile and thank your skin for the reminder to slow down, to de-stress and to be present. 


By Ashley Davis

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Annie Sims
Annie Sims

April 17, 2020

These are great blogs, Ashley. Very helpful, thank you!

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