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Traveling with Oils

Traveling with Oils

July 19, 2019 1 Comment

Have you ever thought about taking your essential and carrier oils with you on-the-go? Decided against it because you're worried about leaks or spills? Or wondered if it's safe or even allowed when it comes to airplane regulations?

Today, I have a few tips to share with you before you hit the road with your oils!

Here are just a few reason why it is a really a smart idea to take your oils with you when you travel:


1 :: Crowded places can leave you susceptible to airborne illnesses. 

2 :: Vacations are fun...motion sickness is not!

3 :: Outdoor activities can make you a magnet for bug bites and skin irritations.

4 :: Essential Oils may provide natural relief for headaches, digestive upsets and congestion.

5 :: EOs may boost your mood and energy levels after a long, exhausting day of travel!

-- that you're convinced it's a great idea to bring your oils with you everywhere you go, your next question may be:

"How do I keep my oils from leaking (or evaporating) while in transit??"

Here are a few ways that you can avoid messy spills in your toiletry bag:


1 :: Place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of your oil bottle before screwing the lid back on. ( >>This trick went viral back in 2017!<< ) I wouldn't recommend counting on this method 100% but would recommend doubling down and sealing your bottles in a plastic bag once you've sealed them with the pieces of plastic wrap.

2 :: Use painter's tape or masking tape to seal your bottles before packing them. I'd recommend vertically wrapping the tape around the bottle as well as around the bottle where the cap screws on a few times. Again, if you're worried about this method being 100% fail proof, I'd seal the bottles in a plastic bag after applying the tape. In the event that I resort to a disposable bag, I try re-use it for at least several trips. But you may not want to waste Ziploc bags. 

3 :: If you want to ditch the Ziplocs altogether and help save the planet, try re-usable leak proof storage bags like >>these<< that you can purchase on Amazon.

4 :: If you use larger glass bottles for your carrier oils at home, consider purchasing sterile, airless travel bottles like >>these<< that you can re-use and refill with no mess involved! 

5 :: Make sure you screw on your oil bottle on lids SUPER TIGHT. Otherwise, your essential oils could start evaporate mid-flight or drive. I also recommend using a bag specifically designed for holding oils that keeps the bottles separated. That way (in the unlikely event that one does leak) at least they are not rubbing together and rubbing their labels off.


Below is a photo of all the items I currently carry in my toiletry bag (including EOs and carrier oils):

And here is the current toiletry bag I use that I got from REI a few years ago. It's been to South Africa and back with me a few times, so has really withstood the test of time:

So there you have it! Now that you know all the ways to improve your traveling experience (with no mess involved) you’re ready to pick out your favorite oils, pack them up and head out on your next Instagram-worthy adventure!

I hope you found these tips helpful and please reach out anytime with questions. Do you have any others ideas for traveling safely with oils or want to share with us your carriers or EOs that are "must haves" on the go??

Please do let us know in the comments below! 

By Ashley Davis

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November 12, 2019

Love this!

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